Helping navigate the technical, financial & bureaucratic challenges of renewable energy development

Business & Project Consulting

We help communities, businesses and investors in renewable energy manage projects and make better decisions.

Feasibility Studies & Analysis

From investigating the viability of a proposal, to questions about the ROI on a renewables project, and qualifications for grants or rebates, Energy Canvas has extensive experience in this space and can help your organization analyze your options and chart a successful path forward. MORE

Project Strategy and Management

You’re moving forward with your renewables project, but there’s a lot of consider and plan for! You need a solid strategy for developing and implementing the details, and someone with experience to help move the whole thing forward.

Our expertise and deep knowledge are indispensable assets, blending the regulatory, technical, and financial aspects of this into a smooth project from start to finish. MORE

Civil Infrastructure Resiliency & Energy Planning

Municipalities and local governments in charge of both energy infrastructure and all district systems that require power, need to consider the consequences of grid failure and hardware lifespan and turnover.

Localized renewable power sources at key spots can ensure critical systems keep operating during routine failure and system-wide outages. Non-centralized power can play a key role in equipment turnover as well. Talk to us about planning and resiliency studies.  MORE

Technical Systems Consulting

We help our clients understand, choose, install and configure the best system for their needs.


More and more, our clients are finding value in allowing Energy Canvas to handle the design and construction of the entire project from start to finish. This affords excellent efficiency and skips the translations required during project life-cycle which include separate parties for concept, procurement, and installation. MORE

Project Engineering

With extensive background in renewable energy and electrical engineering, we deliver technical competence backed by a deep understanding of both the “nuts & bolts” hardware and the intricacies of complex electrical systems. MORE

Technical Consulting for Hardware Buyers & Sellers

Buying or selling renewable energy systems hardware? There’s a lot of noise and hype, but we have the technical capacity to cut through the confusing rhetoric and either assist in finding markets for new systems, or with procurement of energy generation and storage parts. MORE

We Work With


Industrial consumers looking to invest in renewable energy generation, efficiency, energy storage and smart systems.

We help through being the owners engineer and lead designer, from inception to operation.


Community and Cooperative Renewable Energy assets are part of the groundswell movement of self-generation, and can be a very effective way to invest in renewables.

We help communities understand the risks in the industry and work with them to build assets that meet their performance expectations.


Municipalities and City Organisations looking to invest in renewables often get stuck between procurement policies and value innovation.

We help these public organisations look beyond procurement of technical offerings and towards risk and cost mitigation strategies.

Our Approach

Partnerships & Logistics

We utilize and partner with best in class technology suppliers that best support our systems and ensure that our assets deliver on expectations: reliable renewable energy.

Technology is only part of the solution, our implementation and upfront homework mean that financial risk is reduced and performance improves; Reliable Renewable Energy is the result.


The benefit of understanding our assets better prior to financing them is that uncertainty is reduced. This helps with monthly and annual expected revenue forecasting and with that more confident returns. Basically, we invest to improve the assets long term technical and financial performance to maximise the return on the investment.

Over the past decade, we have helped gain finance for over 1 GW of utility scale wind and solar assets and we are translating this experience to help these smaller assets get the support they need.

Long-term Ownership

Our focus from inception to operation is long term asset ownership. We understand that there are many diverse concerns around owning the assets, we aim to acknowledge these by making sure the assets are supported with appropriate technical and human resource support.

It is our experience that training local people to be relevantly trained to support the asset enables a sense personal ownership and community ownership, which helps the asset stay well maintained throughout its life. We also put in place modern control features that enable safe and efficient operation.